Microhard produces 4 models of electronic coin selector, parallel standard 3” size, pulse, serials with CC-Talk and AES protocol (with Encryption Safety)


16 different coins or tokens, with 16 to 32 mm diameter, 1 to 3.2mm thickness


active: with double optical sensors which controls coins direction

passive: triple security with stainless steel wirecutter, antiwire and coin blocking leverage.


  • optics with 5 pairs of optic sensors for measuring coin diameter and thickness
  • inductive analog sensors
  • digital output Hall effect sensors for absolute protection against fake coins

speed: maximum 3 coins per second

materials: main frame: highly durable and highly stable Noril material

coin path: fall coin stop and part of the passage through sensor section are made of stainless steel, as are the contrast springs

POWER supply: +12 Vdc and +24 Vdc with standard connectors

CURRENT: 30mA (300mA in acceptance)

output signals : NPN open collector (ULN 2003 A) with maximum 500 mA load

programming : Self program or with PC assembly angle: +/- 10° in any direction operating

Temperature: from -5 °C to 50 °C


Cash Box complete of coin acceptor, display and side door with lock.
Dimensions: height 290mm x width 90mm x depth 210mm

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