Bill acceptor with stacker

Vantage, with features industry-leading and innovative technologies, has been specifically designed to maximize your profits.


  • Advanced system of reading and note-calibration sensor to guarantee a top-level acceptance and fraud protection
  • The elegant bezel, via light signal, helps the customer to make the payment and communicates in real time the acceptance of the bill.
  • Centric drive technology compensates for skewed bill insertions, ensuring, highest first time acceptance
  • The quick release of the front plate for quick installation and removal, improves access to the reader and reduces the cost of service and maintenance
  • Three levels of security and anti fishing for greater resistance to the attempts of fraud.
  • Pulsed light signals attract the attention of new customers
  • Bezel illuminated at 360° facilitates the insertion of the bill and helps the buyer in the purchase
  • Automated self-diagnostics ensures excellent performance and dramatically reduces any service calls
  • High security and protection against water
  • Stacker 300 notes (also available in versions with a higher capacity)
  • Accept banknotes from euro 5,00-10,00-20,00
  • Dimensions: height mm 224 x 113 mm width x depth mm 72 (excluding front plate) with 300 banknotes
  • Weight 1,81 kg
  • MDB communication protocol pulse, parallel, serial,
  • Power supply 24VAC, 110VAC, 34VDC
  • Operating temperature -18 ° C to +65 ° C

Coupons, with security coding, for promotions and management of free vend. The coupon, with customizable area (advertising), becomes an instrument of marketing communication.

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