Easily adaptable to various applications. Comes in small, convenient size. Appealing and practical use, adjustable in various configurations. Adapts to any type of coins or tokens with its special belts: up to 40mm in diameter and 6.5mm wide, and 16mm in diameter and 1.5mm wide (minimum values).


Double integrated optic sensors for coin output, with anti-counterfeit functionality for any currency, including coins with a central hole. Highly protected access to cash loading, with lock tight lid. Extra anti-theft lock available.


Belt driven dispensing coins ensures long lasting quality for cash handling. “Stirrer” function prevents gaps and coins bridge.


The electronic management system of the CPU is upgradable from outside without having to disassemble the device. Front or back USB version also available. Handy connection and eye-catching design.


Fast Pay-Out (over 4 coins per second). Cash output can be easily performed in two different positions, at the front or on the side: multiple or single coin-sets can be dispensed (any currency with coins up to 40mm). Belt driven coin pay-out ensures more reliability over time


Excellent capacity, up to 1,500 1 Euro coins, upgradable with expansion sets provided. Coin selector can be located on the top of the hopper for maximum integration and easy assembly for any type of machine with cash handling and change giving.


Choose the configuration that suits you best of the five options available.

X5 Pay-Out
Hopper suitable for any kind of coin or token.

Its main feature is to identify and select the payout coins, through inductive and optical control. It automatically finds the correct change from coins of different values.

X5 DPO Dynamic

Quick and dynamic payout with cash kept in a currency box, ready for use. Coins are dispensed in three different configurations and positions.

X5 In Out 
Easy cash-flow management both for coin insertion and change giving operations. Possibility to fix on and manage a CC-Talk coinselector, with different typologies, perfectly adaptable. Money handling is electronically controlled, which fits well with change giving machines, automatic cash machines and slot machines.

Coins Counter and Sorter

Coin counting and sorting function. Original size and functionality allows for coin counting and sorting in four different outputs. Suitable for coin-recycling devices.

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