MicroHard®, was founded in 1983 as a company to design and manufacture industrial electronic system and software. Playing immediately a leading role in the software’s development for the betting games sector, achieves considerable success throughout the italian country.

At the beginning of the nineties, exploiting the experience reached by its designers, it extendes operations to the industrial and consumer markets. In 2001, following a painstaking market analysis, Microhard® founded PAYKEY USA a new American company operating in the cashless system sector for the vending market. At the top of the sector, Microhard® acquires important public tenders in New Jersey, Nevada and South Carolina. In 2005, it starts a new partnership with the laundry’s leader MIELE.

Thanks to this agreement, a whole range of products is created. Considering the successes achieved Microhard® continues its growth investing in new areas:

2009 Transport

2011 Health / Tobacco

2012 Gaming / Car wash / Vending

2014 Parking on-street, Parking off-street


The company’s experience and skills led it to introduce total remote product control technologies. GPRS query systems have been introduced and, as an alternative, remote connections can be made in Wi-Fi, thus offering full control at zero cost. The constant technical updating of the designers allows Microhard® to use leading-edge technology, both as regards microprocessors and devices, and thus optimise projects within the limits of the components currently on the market, and not limited by previously acquired knowledge.

A complete test laboratory for product certification, compliant with CE standards, allows products that are perfectly compatible with electromagnetic immunity regulations to be realised.


Microhard® stands out for the attractive look of its products that do not compromise on quality or anti-vandal levels. The company is totally independent in the design phase (both hardware and software) it can develop all kinds of projects and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers.

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