The centralize Basic Cash is one of the best solution on the market related to the supply of services in automatic laundries. Basic Cash is a device invent to be highly customizable in order to adapt to the different needs of the customers. Basic Cash guarantees a great level of security being placed in a steel cash with high resistance also suitable for walling.

12 buttons of selection

“Vandal proof” kind to place Basic Cash also in non-guarded places.  Each button is equipped with condition LED for confirmation of successfully selection.

Cash with high resistance

Built in order to be placed on wall-supports  and with back portal of access in order to enter from a separate environment. Center Cash P12 has the following size: high 70 cm., width 41 cm. and depth 25 cm.

Electronic Coin changer

For acceptance of coin of following denomination:  5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 Euro, 2 Euro.

Banknotes reader

Equipped with stacker for banknotes acceptance from 5 to 19 €. Diagnostics with LED alarm.

Electronic Key

Equipped with relè for piloting of electro valve both of 12 and 24 V continue or alternate electricity. Link to user-devices as washing machine or drying kilns through serial cable in order to ease the future implementation of new users. Visualization of residual time of the service of the drying kilns. Generally great level of customization and adaptation to a wide range of devices.


For each selling in order to allow the rotation of the machines according to their real use.

LCD Display

with 20 characters for 2 line and intern “twin” display (it supplies the same information) in order to make handier and faster the programming of firmware step when it turns on in the back side of the cash.

Customization possibilities

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