Available in the free-standing and wall-mounted versions


  • Transflective touchscreen monitor 15”
  • Possibility of displaying advertising messages
  • Greater simplicity during programming
  • Enhanced customer information
  • Up to 4 different languages can be selected (English, French, German and Italian)
  • A receipt can be requested
  • Possibility of promotions
  • PAYKEY – PAYCARD for customer fidelity
  • Up to 4 different coins for change can be managed
  • Firmware configuration and update with USB pendrive
  • Internal modem for REMOTE troubleshooting (OPTIONAL).

With PAYPOINT, from remote control, you can:

  • Check the status of the banknote reader, coin acceptor and change dispenser hoppers
  • Check machine configuration
  • Reset all the machine boards
  • Transmit configurations, such as price updates and promotions,
  • Receive theft alarms
  • Receive no product, no change and jamming alarms
  • Check sales and bookkeeping


  • Service selection with vandal-proof buttons
  • Security closing featuring 2 locks with 8 closing points
  • Anti-tear security hinges
  • Dual security lock (padlock included)
  • Vandal-proof coin insertion
  • Banknote reader with smart protection port, opening block and delayed automatic closing
  • Anti-theft system with independent siren in case of attempted theft
  • Anti-theft system with alarm that can be connected to the service area
  • 8 Selections


The wall-mounted PAY POINT TOUCH solution matches the efficiency of the services provided by the “traditional” free-standing version and is even more ergonomic thanks to its compact and modern size.


PAY POINT TOUCH has been designed to optimise the carwash process by minimising waiting and service selection times.


  • Multicolour LED pattern enhances visibility and recognisability
  • The design of PAYPOINT is easy to customise

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