(version web-connectable)

Compact cabinet that can be wall-mounted, recessed or floor-mounted on a support

Tough and sturdy unit, especially designed for outdoor areas. It is available in 2 different versions to satisfy all free-standing or wall installation needs. The graphics can be customised to give greater visibility to the company logo.


  • Painting with epoxy resin for outdoor
  • Front opening, printed panel, including perimetric frame (only for Change Mini version)
  • Front opening, adhesive (only for Change Basic version)
  • Kit white led (only for Change Mini version)
  • High resolution LCD graphic display
  • Up to 4 selections
  • Tropicalized Electronic Coin Selector Microhard ( P10 )
  • Erogatore di monete Microhard X5 a cinghia
  • Vandal proof coin insert
  • Banknote Acceptor with stacker (5-20€)
  • Banknote reader with smart protection port, opening block and delayed automatic closing
  • Allarme acustico: porta con sicurezza attiva (l’allarme suona con tentativo di apertura porta ant.)
  • Tamper di collegamento allarme esercente con notifica web
  • USB for collecting data information, configuration directly on board or with specific SW by PC;
    possible update by USB
  • Codified internal devices to provide fast service by App My Microhard (currently Italy)
  • Fitted out for a further lock with a padlock or crossbar (not supplied)
  • Credit card reader (optional)

* Optional and any predispositions must be requested during the offer and supply phase of the machine
Con versione CAMBIA GETTONI : Possibilità di invio dei corrispettivi direttamente all’ Agenzia delle Entrate.


• A – Direct fastening to the wall

• B – Build-in to the wall* (through optional bracket kit)

• C – Fastening to the floor (through optional base)


Width: 510 mm

Height: 860 mm

Depth: 270 mm (mini)

Depth: 253 mm (basic)