MH546 DATA link

  • MH546 born for a complete management of a self-service washing area as tracks, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, etc.
  • It has a layout with 8 input and it is possible to manage the entry credits and select different kind of programs.
    A suitable remote management will be able to record the minutes of real use
  • Thanks to its versatility and to its low cost is possible to place it in each post that you would like to control. Its purpose is not only to verify the data but also to manage alarms.
  • Example: if conveniently linked, it could manage the level of the cleansers in order to avoid stops of the machine due to the inattention of the user.
  • All the data sent from the MH546 placed will be send wireless to a concentrator that will send it through Ethernet or GPRS.

DATA LINK System Total Remote Control(tracks, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, etc.)

  • Peripheral device unit MH546 (with coin changer interface MH557), with 8 exits. It sends data to the concentrator through wireless mode.
  • Concentrator MH547 for Microhard machines. The concentrator sends the data, received from the peripheral device units MH546, to the Microhard portal (Ethernet or GPRS connection excluded)
  • Concentrator kit for non-Microhard products. The concentrator send the data received from the peripheral device units MH546, to the portal Microhard (Ethernet or GPRS connection excluded)

Tutte le periferiche munite di MH546 raccolgono i dati e si occupano di spedirli in modo wireless ad un concentratore

Una volta raccolti tutti i dati dalle periferiche MH546 si occupa di inviarli ad un concentratore che avrà poi l’incarico di inviarli ad un portale di visualizzazione

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