10 selections Vending machine for external use


  • Modern and charming design with bright circle and backlit products-legend in order to maximize the attraction, the interest, the purchase and therefore earnings.
  • Extremely restrained size, internal devices rationalize in order to optimize and make easier the cleaning/maintenance operations.
  • Double security lock


  • Structure with anti-erosion treatment and finishing with epoxy resin paint for external use
  • Front panel with birth circle and backlit products-legend
  • 10 adjustable selections (height/width/depth) for products supply
  • Vandal-proof coin inserting unit
  • Electronic coin Changer
  • Banknotes reader with stacker and anti-repackaging (from 5 to 20€.)
  • Alphanumeric display 2×20
  • Double security lock
  • Vandal-proof buttons
  • Coin change supplier
  • Pick up product door with electro lock
  • Standard printer for non-fiscal receipt

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