Compact Coin Dispenser

X3™ amplify Microhard’s range of devices. X3™ is one of the most compact coin dispensers on the market, with extraordinary programmable dispensing speed.

New AES Encrypted security method.

Mechanically it has three shapes: X3 STD™, X3 EXP.™ with capacity expansion, X3 Micro™.


X3™ Mini Hopper™ standard; payout device
12V or 24V, parallel or cctalk.
Capacity: n.450 coins 1€ or equivalent.

X3 EXP.™

X3 EXP.™ Mini Hopper™ with extension; payout
device 12V or 24V, parallel or cctalk.
Capacity: n.850 coins 1€ or equivalent


X3 MICRO™ Mini Hopper™; payout device
12V or 24V, parallel or cctalk (without
coins conveyor, on request).
Capacity: n.400 coins 1€ or equivalent.

  • Service Led
  • Self diagnosis with error signal
  • Available in 12 and 24 Vdc
  • Anti-jamming system
  • Self unblocking system
  • Double sensor coin output
  • Anti-theft system to prevent fraud against the cover of the optics
  • Suitable for coins of 21 to 29 mm in diameter and 1.5 to 3.1 mm thick
  • Fixing support to rapid assembly
  • Capacity of 200 to 900 Pz for 1 Euro
  • Adjustable dispensing speed from 3 to 8 coins per second
  • All models are available with cc-Talk and AES Interface
  •  Slide included