BANKNOTE READERS Easy to use, reliable and not expensive banknotes readers


  • Banknotes acceptance with 4 introduction directions
  • Outstanding banknotes width to 82 mm (Taiko)
  • Quality and efficiency due to the on-board diagnostics
  • Easy to install due to the configuration that can be accomplished on spot.
  • High capacity to selection and discernment with optical and magnetic sensors.
  • Removable Stacker (DBV301)

Taiko Readers and DBV301 have been designed in order to guarantee a great facility of use and installation with extremely reduced maintenance thanks to the on-board diagnostic. Taiko is small and compact, it can be easily installed on any gaming or vending machine DBV301 is supplied with stacker of 250 banknotes in order to face every needs. Bill acceptor is larger than 99% and of great quality due to the use of magnetic and optic sensors that allows a high level of selection and discretion in identification of banknotes of different values. The software of the machine matched with an anti fishing device are an almost insurmountable frontier for frauds. Tako and DBV301 banknotes readers are very versatile and can accept and validate all banknotes to 72 mm in width for the DBV301 and in 82 mm of width for the Taiko. Taiko and DBV301 are the perfect match and ideal solution with other Microhard’s payment systems.


Size (bxhxp): 98 x 58 x 132 mm

Weight: 400 gr.

Power source potential difference: 12 Vdc +/- 10%

Absorbed electricity : 1,2 mA in sleep mode – 150 mA in standby – 540 mA in acceptance

Absorbed power: 180 mW in standby – 648 mW in acceptance

Work temperature: +3°C ÷ +50°C

Accepted banknotes : to 66-72 mm Acceptation speed : 2 sec.

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