PAYKEY PK3™ represents a system among the most efficient in the field cashless contactless for its functional and aesthetic characteristics. A compact payment system suitable for outdoor use, with electronics designed to communicate with any existing protocol and includes probably the highest number of functions that can be used for the optimal management of vending with keys and mifare card, car wash, access control and so on.

Prepaid system increased sales 20% – 40%
PK3 can be used with NFC (NFC ready)

sistema pagamento cashless Paykey pk3
  • PK3 system with display
  • PK3™ display

Executive Communication Protocol

  • MDB Master Communication Protocol to drivechange giver and bill validator
  • 1K Key/Card Standard Mifare Support
  • 32 bit Security Access key, different in every Key/Card
  • 4 User Groups Feature
  • 4 Configurable Location Codes
  • 1 Master Location Code
  • Automatic User Key/Card formatting (no need for previous Key/Card programming)
  • 4 Price/Discount Lists
  • Daily Time Range for Price/Discount List Activation
  • Free credit (daily, weekly or monthly period)
  • Free Vend (daily, weekly or monthly period)
  • Special Key/Card for user cards rechargement
  • Special Key/Card for test vends
  • Single/Multivend Option way for Vending!
  • “Price Holding” mode Executive Protocol
  • EVA-DTS Audit format
  • Black List (up to 1000 user codes)
  • Option to lock the Key/Card if in Black List
  • Log with timestamp of each Key/Card use
  • IrDA interface always available
  • Easy of use of Mass Storage USB Keys for:
    – Product Firmware Update
    – Configuration Upload and Download
    – EVA-DTS Audit Download
    – Configuration transfer between two units


  •  Interfaccia BlueTooth
  • Gestione display locale
  • Connessione PC

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