Available both in free-standing version and build-in version


  • High-resolution LCD graphic display for outdoor use
  • Possibility of displaying advertising messages
  • Greater simplicity during programming
  • Enhanced customer information
  • Language selection
  • A receipt can be requested
  • Possibility of promotions.
  • PAYKEY – PAYCARD for customer fidelity
  • Up to 4 different coins for change can be managed
  • Configuration and firmware update through USB or remote
  • Internal modem for remote troubleshooting (optional).
  • Interior Modem for tele-diagnosis of breakdowns and daily summary of the sell data (optional)*.
  • 2 functions in a single machine: activator of the functionality of the washing, coin-changer for the use of vacuums, etc.

*With PAYPOINT, from remote control, You can:

  • Check the status of the banknote reader, coin acceptor and change dispenser hoppers
  • Check machine configuration
  • Reset all the machine boards
  • Transmit configurations, such as price updates and promotions,
  • Receive theft alarms
  • Receive no product, no change and jamming alarms
  • Check sales and bookkeeping


  • Multicolour LED pattern enhances visibility and recognisability
  • The design of PAYPOINT is easy to customise


  • Structure in painted stainless steel AISI 304
  • Service selection with vandal-proof buttons
  • Security closing with 2 locks with 8 closing points
  • Anti-tear security hinges
  • Dual security lock (padlock included)
  • Vandal-proof coin insertion
  • Banknote reader with smart protection port, opening block and delayed automatic closing
  • Anti-theft system with independent siren in case of attempted theft
  • Anti-theft system with alarm that can be connected to the service area
  • 8 Selections

WIDTH: 407 mm x HEIGHT: 706 mm