Designed to manage a self-service track for customer fidelity.

Especially designed for outdoor areas, it can manage up to 6 separate washing programmes. This tough and sturdy unit is fitted out for the coin extraction tube. Paypoint Micro™ is fitted with a PK3 cashless payment system (PayKey™) for customer fidelity. It is available in 2 different versions to satisfy all free-standing or wall installation needs.

The graphics can be customised to give greater visibility to the company logo.


  • Port and surround in stainless steel.
  • Port with lock featuring four anti-theft closing points and 1 anti-shoplifting device.
  • Payment systems protected from jets of water.
  • High brightness alphanumeric display
  • Installation on wall, build-in (optional bracket) or free-standing (optional)
  • Front panel featuring large user communication spaces with customisable indications of the functions of the individual buttons (with legends).
  • Keypad with 6 programme selection buttons.
  • Programmes managed via 6 NO relays and 6 opto-insulated inputs.


  • Power supply voltage: 24V
  • Power consumption: 25 W
  • Operating temperature: -15°C + 50°C


  • Operates with coins and tokens: If the user inserts the amount, the display immediately visualises the credit and/or time purchased. If a key is inserted in the reader, the inserted amount is immediately credited to the key.
  • Operation with contactless keys/cards.
  • Programme selection: The programmes are run by pressing the relative selection button.
  • On each change of selection a recalculation of the residual time of the supplied service takes place.

Configuration of peripheral devices on request

  • Led Plexi enlightening
  • Kit PK3 cashless
  • Kit + Display credit button included Stop Button
  • Kit Build-In Mounting bracket Kit


With: structure in inox steel, 1 selection, conformal electronic coin changer , vandal-proof coin inserting unit, alphanumeric display

Optional by request for Micro Paypoint™:

  • Led Plexi enlightening
  • Kit PK3™ cashless + Display credit button included
  • Stop Button
  • Kit Build-In Mounting bracket Kit

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