Proactive system for the management and control of OCS machines with two-way communication system (manager/user)

Benefits for the manager

control of OCS machinery inventory

call management: product request, machine breakdowns, commercial requests

direct dialog with customers (sending promotional information via the APP)

credit transfer between Manager/Customer and other users, even remotely

credit balance verification for each Customer/User

back-end management on the manager’s customized account (use of incoming/outgoing data)

increase in profitability and greater customer loyalty with high retention

analysis of correct customer needs

optimization of customer assistance

analysis of the quality of service and habits

analysis/optimization/programming of credits (with minimum thresholds that can be customized by customer)

system that can be integrated with company management programs

Benefits for customers

sending product order requests, machine faults and commercial requests, all this through a simple App functionality

real-time dialog/communication with the manager automatically via the APP

a better service (less disservice)

verification of residual credit

credit top-up, even remotely

credit exchange between customers, but also among colleague, friends and relatives

credit always available

no need to use keys, cards or cash but only the smartphone (cashless feature)

The system for the manager comprises:

  • an electronic board to be mounted in the machine equipped with Bluetooth technology (hardware), communication features and control/management of pay-outs (performed and residual)

  • a smartphone App – two-way communication – (software)

  • a management system (web panel) for PC or Tablet (software)

Data transmission and information exchange with OCS machines takes place through a request sent automatically via the APP; control of back-end activities through an account/manager (web panel).

The system for the customer comprises:

  • a smartphone App to download for free

For customers/users, dialog with the OCS machines (data transmission and information exchange) takes place through the smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.

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