Vending device for packets or blister packed products.


Same as above, but comes in standard market size. Both devices are equipped with belt tensioners. This machine’s special feature is the central position of the micro switch, which simplifies the process of checking if products are stocked, including products of different sizes and formats. Upon request, this model can be fitted with CC-Talk interface, enabling it to be connected with a single flat cab to several linked motors, controlled by the machine’s CPU which inquires and simultaneously operates them, recognizing the different product IDs.


This is a vending device for small size packets. The advantage of X2 Small™ is that can dispense small size products (as small as a pack of cigarette)  with depths of 4 cm or less. Also available with connection located on the bottom making it possible to conveniently hide machine cables. It is low voltage powered (12Volt) and has very low power consumption which allows for use in battery powered vending machines as well.

Superlight switch product’s presence; it can be mounted in one direction or the opposite so to allow the product’s charging also frontally