z-box is the primary device for vehicles in order to support the rivolutionary safe system. Maintaining maximum privacy, it increases safety on the road.

A lifesaver automatically starts in case of accident or request for help, sendig a sms message to a preset phone number and indicating the place for rescue or assistance.

No subscription fees Without operating centers

Immediate help to send assistance in damage or problem case

Immediate localization of vehicles without connection to operating center or payment of subscriptions

Sms alarm message : in the case of vehicle ignition (antitheft)

Request for immediate help pressing an alarm button

Antitheft and localization for VLT, change machine, slot machine and vending machine

Sms alarm for opening door of the vending machine or change machine


When the function is activated:

  • Help request
  • Accident

In case of need, the following message appears on your configured mobile phone. Thanks to z-box, the intervention can be immediate.

Fast identification and geo referenced
You can enable, in privacy and free, the search for your vehicle in case of loss, theft, removal  or other needs

And if your needs grow, everything is very easy
The device allows to recognize the driver through a “personal USB key” The driving qualification for the vehicle is given only to authorized users Trace routes and memorize data, track your goods, verify the supplies…

Integration with Can-Bus signal of the vehicle allows the acquisition of the different information on board, as the fuel level, odometric signal and other customizable information due to the single need.

In case of accident, the device memorize the accelerometric chronicle inside the driving archive. It is possible to enter the archive in remotely or, locally, through a serial link.

Download the ZBox catalog here

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